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Join us on this journey and discover how Tradewind Energy develops each and every project with extensive expertise, while respecting the environment, communities, and landowners.
Our work begins long before you see any turbines spinning in the air. We have a group of GIS analysts that use state-of-the-art technology to efficiently and effectively identify viable sites. They utilize everything from LiDAR to hi-res aerial imagery and beyond. But it goes much further than that! Our in-house meteorologists analyze wind and other meteorological data to design positions of the turbines.
Tradewind’s engineers take into consideration the infrastructure in place to transfer energy generated by the wind farm to the regional power grid. They also work with the regional power grid operators to study the transmission system and determine what additional infrastructure is needed to safely and reliably inject power.
We are also serious about respecting nature. So serious, in fact, that we have an entire department of environmental specialists who follow industry best-practices to minimize the impact of our project on local species’ habitats, from migratory birds—like bats and eagles—to prairie chickens, snakes, and everything in between.
Once those initial steps to determine if an area is suitable for a wind farm have been completed, we host a project meeting with potential landowners. This is our opportunity to share project details, maps of the area, facts about wind energy, individual and local economic benefits, and answer questions.
Relationships with our landowners are our number one priority. We take every opportunity to keep the lines of communication open through one-on-one meetings, mailed correspondence, and local community events. We meet with local landowners to discuss long-term lease agreements to host facilities on their property. Landowners have access to a focused team during the development process including field leasing agents, real estate experts, and a project manager.
Prior to construction, we work together with each landowner to review and get feedback on the placement of wind turbines and access roads. We utilize appropriate setback in the design of the wind turbine array to create a comfortable distance from buildings, roads, and other structures while adhering to applicable local, state, and federal requirements.
The construction process will include building access roads, pouring foundations for the wind turbine tower, as well as installing the wind turbine tower sections, nacelles, and blades. A project interconnection substation and other electrical and interconnection facilities may also be constructed. The town will be bustling with activity during this time, which is profitable for local hotels, restaurants, shops, and other merchants.
Once operational, the wind farm typically uses 1 to 2% of the total leased area, allowing the remaining land to be used exactly how it was before the wind farm was built. Farmers can use the land for both crops and livestock right up to the edge of the access road around the wind turbine foundation. By hosting facilities, wind energy continues to be a revenue generating resource for landowners.
There is so much more for us to tell you about. Clean energy is our passion. And we're looking for great folks like you to share that passion with. Get all the information you need about partnering with Tradewind on our dedicated Wind Landowner Hub.
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